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Engagement of Nathaniel Shalomov and Ariella Iskhakov (queens)!

Engagement of Hadassa Holzapfel (Germany) to Aaron Adler (Atlanta)!

Engagement of Brent Weinberg (Dallas) and Alissa Doctor (Calgary)!!

Engagement of Eli Schwarz and Hindy Burger!!

Engagement of Elie Lefkowitz (Miami) and Ariana Levin (Wesley Hills/Newburgh)

Wedding of Aryeh Korman (West Hempstead) and Stefani Schaechter (Los Angeles)!!

Wedding of Shira and Aryeh Salovey!!

Engagement of Julia Fisher (Highland Park) and Benji Wajsberg (Florida)!

Engagement of Miri Tangy and Itamar Cohen (London)!!

Engagement of Yanky Leaman (zurich,switzerland) to Sury Cohen (manchester,uk)!

Wedding of Shea and Tammy Erlich!

Engagement of Tali Shapiro (St. Louis & Israel) and Shmulie Kuperstok (Montreal & Israel)!

Wedding of Shira Berman and Aryeh Salovey!

Engagement of Moy Michan &Raquel Husny (Mexico City)!!

Wedding of Alyssa and Rafi Appel!