A beautiful voice and a beautiful message! ShanahTovah & OnlySimchas!
Not sure who this guy is but look at those moves and fantastic brotherly love! If you know who this is please tell us in the comments section!
Another great music video from the Maccabeats!
This is how employees at an Israeli supermarket chain take wedding photos! "Charedi supermarket אושר עד"
Get into the ROSH HASHANAH spirit with Tova In Israel, as she takes us to Jerusalem's city center to... She even teaches us how to blow a Shofar - well, kind of..
We should learn from their example. Great job and much appreciated by all! Rockin Beren Academy in Houston.
Nachum welcomed Jewish music superstar LIPA Schmeltzer to this morning’s JM in the AM so LIPA could share words of inspiration and blessing on NSN’s Mission to Houston this Thursday and Friday. NSN Jewish Unity Initiative: On Thursday and Friday, the OU presents JM in the AM with Nachum Segal...
This guy has all the moves..
We always knew Chasidim were more spiritual than the rest of us but never knew they could fly!
Check out Aish.com's amazing Rosh Hashanah Music Video - Rosh Hashanah: Can’t Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake, celebrating the new year and the joy of being Jewish.
The tables turn as this time Mennonites (Amish type people) from Lancaster, PA go on a day trip to visit Rockland Kosher in Monsey, NY. Can you distinguish between who is Mennonite and who is Jewish? Posted by Eddie Dvir on Facebook
Azarya and Pinny Schachter duet on violin (Pinny doesn't even play violin! Just using guitar chords) and Tzippy on the piano
Mazel Tov to Ilan Jaffe & family, upon the beautiful wedding of their daughter this past Thursday! Check out Yaakov Shwekey, his musical director/arranger Rafi Greidi, sound tech Moshik Tzabary, and the Zemiros Group.. A Yanky Katina production
Great summer fun outside the walls of the old city! Post by @uripilichowski