See what happens when you feature Ashley Blaker, Eitan Freilich and the charms of Golders Green in a music video!
Nachum announced this morning that he and the Nachum Segal Network staff are heading to Houston for some broadcasts on Wednesday and Thursday with the OU and special guests etc.
This guy knows how to make a party!!
Welcome back to school to all Israeli kids! Photos from School in Charish.
Mazel Tov to Renee Sutton who married Eliot Cohen Thursday in front of 400 guests in Southern Italy. Renee is the daughter of NYC real estate mogul Jeff Sutton. The guests watched the couple say their vows under a 'chuppah' overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Guests of the bride and...
Jamming with Dudi Knopfler and Yossi Eidlisz last night at a Vachnacht under the starry night sky.
Sorry kids, time to go back to the real world! Watch Nir Barkat, the Mayor of Jerusalem, welcome kids around the world back to school using using the shining lights of the Jerusalem Bridge.
Clearly these female IDF soldiers are too tough for Conan!
Ben Brafman, attorney for numerous high profile criminal defense cases, shares an inspiring Shabbat observance story during the trial of famous actor and rap star Sean Combs (Puff Daddy). Ben Brafman gave the keynote address at the National Conference for Jewish Lawyers and Jurists 2015 in Chicago. This is a...
Great happy video! Hopefully their marriage will be just as happy and always full of music! OnlySimchas!!
Who is Meilech Kohn? Meilech Kohn, was born in 1969 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. He was raised in a Chassidish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. Meilech grew up surrounded by music, from experimenting with a Keyboard at home as a child, to listening to a variety of different genres within...
Uri gets better and better every time we hear him! Mazel Tov & OnlySimchas to the Chatan and Kallah!
This can only happen in Israel! What a country!! OnlySimchas!! Don't forget Elul is HERE!
Watch Bibi Netanyahu Welcome Conan O'Brien to Israel. Also, below are a selection of videos from Conan's trip! Here is Conan talking about his upcoming trip" Here he is live from Yaffo: Here is Conan in El Al's Bathroom on flight. You can't make this stuff up!
We suggest you take a moment out of your day to dance like this guy! Be Happy!! OnlySimchas!!