Back in July, 3 young men who never had a bris underwent surgery to become circumcised. It was a very moving day for these 3 young men and all the attendees of the celebration after. Watch the clip below for the whole story. [youtube]
This took place in Brooklyn a few nights ago. "חסדי השם כי לא תמנו" Till 120..
How could this not make you proud to be a Jew in 2018!
They woke up at the crack of dawn to appear on Breakfast Television Montreal and represent Team Lifeline, Camp Simcha, and Donald Berman Chai Lifeline Montreal.
Nachum hosted Rabbi Josh Fass, co-founder and Executive Director of Nefesh B’Nefesh to JM in the AM this week for a 2017 Aliyah Review. In addition to all the Olim who utilized the NBN Charter Flights, there were also hundreds of people already in Israel who officially changed...
This is another amazing story from Renewal. This is the 8th spouse of a Kidney Donor that is donating a kidney through Renewal!!
Make sure your tissues are nearby..
Suni Cogan, a lone soldier in the Israeli Air Force originally from Russia, was surprised by her family at her graduation ceremony. Kol Ha'kavod!
Tears were flowing in Israel when a young girl R”L diagnosed with cancer at the age of three, surprised everyone and walked down the aisle as a flower girl at a cousin’s wedding. Five-year-old Libby Nagel, from Sydney, Australia, has been in America for two years receiving treatment. Doctors thought...
This morning, on our current AIPAC trip to Israel with Rabbinical students, we met at the northern border with one of the chief engineers behind Iron Dome. America had tried to invent a missile intercept system with no success and didn’t fund Israel’s research and development effort because they...
And we are done...11 years of having sons in the army (minus a small break at one point)...has finished. Last week, David gave back his rifle; yesterday he signed the final papers on base and today he returned his "hoger" - his military I.D. Tomorrow, he returns to his yeshiva...
An amazing bracha for the soldiers of Medinat Yisrael..
This is how one should celebrate a simcha! Mazel Tov & OnlySimchas!
Listen to Rabbi Eitiel Goldwicht explain.. Great stuff!
"People always ask me why I made Aliyah so I decided to ask them why not?" - Ariel Leah Cohen recently started IsraeLife, check it out and #LiveLoveIsrael