There is no shortage of Pesach-themed covers out there, but this one by Y-Studs is especially well done. It is based on Michael's Jackson's hit song, 'Thriller', and it covers the span of the seder with some well-crafted lyrics and the appropriate 'Thriller' dance moves. This video is 4...
There are many things Koreans and Hasidic Jews have in common: An emphasis on studying, good food, and even the Talmud. Shockingly though, the music of these two very different cultures often sounds the same as well. Try it for yourself with the quiz from the website It's harder than...
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For Torah Jews, YouTube is one of the hardest websites to navigate. In order to just play one Jewish song, one can be lured by many other videos as well. In response to this crisis, Hidabroot organization came out with a website "Jewish Music 24-6". This website contains 7,000...
These 2 Jewish celebrities just collaborated in the most epic way! MBD isn't exactly familiar with the millennial ways of sharing and retweeting and selfie-ing, so Meir Kay sat down with him to give him some pointers. Watch this hilarious collaboration between 2 of the greats to see how...
  Watch this great video of Jewish singer, Mordechai Ben David, dancing with his granddaughter at her wedding. The video is filmed by none other than Lipa Schmeltzer and has some other surprises. Get OS News Live Updates  by email and never miss our top breaking stories    Source: Lipa Schmeltzer
"I asked a man, I saw how many Jews in this town.."
Always play or listen to music - puts a smile on your face!
This will put a smile on your face! Video credit: Ari Stock
There's never a bad time to watch the Maccabeats dress up as characters from the Passover story and cover the popular songs from Les Miserables. And with Pesach around the corner, it's even more appropriate for today's #throwbackthursday.
(JTA) — Itzhak Perlman, arguably the most famous violinist in the world, has heard plenty of questions in his 50-year career. But when asked if his religious heritage has affected his playing, he sounds stumped. “I’m a violinist. I’m Jewish, so that makes me a Jewish musician,” he tells JTA on...
This kid has skills..