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Is dancing too much for you? Try hoverboarding instead! Yideo Clips posted the following video on their Facebook page showing Chassidish men hoverboarding on the dance floor at a recent event.
(The Yeshiva World) In a recent Gallup Poll that was published on Thursday, U.S. voters ranked Israeli Prime Minister as the 9th most respected man in the world. Coming in first place was former U.S. President Barack Obama, with the current U.S. President Donald Trump coming in second ahead of...
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Just a month ago, YWN reported about a Howell Police officer which detained a Lakewood couple for speeding as they were driving to the hospital with the woman in labor. The husband was given a speeding ticket – which caused a stir in the media. Meanwhile in Israel, at about 8:00 this morning,...
Below is a message by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub, the Admor of Kaliv to United States President Donald Trump, thanking the President for his recent deceleration that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. In 2015, YWN published a video of the Rebbe where he directed a message towards then President Barack...
(Baltimore Jewish Life) The emotional highlight of Chai Lifeline’s International Annual Gala held last Monday was the debut of a new song called “We are Strong: The Faces of Hope.” The song was written by Malky Storch, Bracha Goldstein and Miriam Storch for their sister, Hudis, a’h. It was first...
This how some people in the world take a hot bath..
Five-year-old Ari Schultz has already had three open heart surgeries in his short life. His reaction when he finds out he's going home after almost 200 days in the hospital will make your day! Watch here.
In the Jewish Orthodox faith, men and women reserve physical touch until after the wedding ceremony. In this episode of World Wide Wed, we meet Hadassa and Ze'ev, a young couple who unite their souls in the holy mitzvah of marriage before they've even held hands.  (World Wide Wed)
18 HOFers on a vacation to Israel!? Robert Kraft gives these legends a trip of a lifetime!