We received the message below from the OU earlier today and wanted to share it with you before Shabbat.

The weekly kindling of Shabbat candles is a source of inspiration for shalom bayit, tranquility, within our homes. This Erev Shabbat, the Jewish community, and all people of good will, are seeking the providence of the Al-mighty for tranquility within the homes of the residents of the southeastern United States and for all in harm’s way. We also continue to pray for the tranquility within the homes of those struck by the recent storms and other tragedies.

When kindling candles this evening prior to the onset of Shabbat, the OU and RCA request that you please add a special tefila, prayer, for this tranquility, peace and safety of all in harm’s way. In particular, please add Tehillim, chapter 20 at the conclusion of the blessing on the kindling of Shabbat candles and other related weekly prayers.

Our Rabbis teach of the power of our prayers. We can never know how any individual prayer will be answered by G-d, but we do know that each prayer is consequential. Over the past short while, our community has manifest extraordinary love and care of G-d’s children. As our Father in heaven, may G-d respond to the love among His children with extraordinary care, as well.

Thank you,

Moishe Bane, President
Orthodox Union

Rabbi Elazar Muskin, President
Rabbinical Council of America

Allen Fagin, Executive Vice President
Orthodox Union

Rabbi Mark Dratch, Executive VP
Rabbinical Council of America


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