This is a very difficult post because it will cause quite a bit of heartache to an already devastated community. We are part of the close-knit Houston Orthodox Jewish community with United Orthodox Synagogues as the core of our neighborhood. Unfortunately, UOS suffered catastrophic damage during the #HarveyFlood as you will see from these photos. It is like a knife to our collective heart. No matter the damage, however, we will find a path forward to rebuild our homes, our Shul and community. With the support and help of our broader community and friends, we will make it happen #rebuildUOS.

If you are interested, here is how you can participate: Please click Here to donate to the 2017 Hurricane Harvey UOS Community Rebuilding Fund. Please feel free to share this post if you desire.

If you need assistance or know of someone that needs assistance, please email: [email protected]

This relief group is chaired by Jenelle Eisenstein Garner, Amy D. Goldstein and Hol Dav (it should be noted that two of these three also flooded yet they are working tirelessly on behalf of the entire Houston community to coordinate assistance). Also thank you to Rabbi Barry Gelman for his inspiring leadership throughout this ordeal as he helps support us and his own family as we collectively clean up and rebuild.

Thanks also to the OU @OrthodoxUnion ( that has been amazing and to all the many U.S. and worldwide Jewish communities that have offered their support and assistance.

We of course are not the only Houston Orthodox community that has been devastated – many in the Meyerland Minyan, Chabad and Young Israel Community are reeling as are many other Jewish and other faith communities in Houston. We are amazed at the speed and love generated by the U.S. faith community that has been mobilizing with fantastic speed – we are very thankful.



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