22-year-old Sara Gottlieb was told by Israeli doctors that she had a case of cancer so severe, there was nothing that could be done to save her. However rather than accept this grim fate, she and her parents set off on a journey halfway across the world, to the MD Cancer Center in Texas.

Staff at the Cancer Center disagreed with Israeli doctors’ assessment, insisting that a bone marrow transplant could save the young girl’s life. The family’s optimism was fleeting, as it was shortly afterward revealed that the hospital would not move forward with the procedure until the Gottliebs could provide an unimaginable $460,000.
Unable to accept the possibility that they could lose their only child due to a lack of money, Sara’s father Yisroel Gottlieb has started an emergency fund, with the desperate hope of saving her life. The campaign page text stresses that “every minute counts.” The family is currently trapped in the hospital, unable to go, unable to be helped. Sara is too ill to leave her bed, and her health declines each day, but hospital staff will not provide the treatment until the funds are received.
The Gottliebs are willing to accept loans directly to the hospital, if need be. Whatever will save their precious daughters’ life. It is a heartbreaking, and time-sensitive situation to observe. Donations are being accepted HERE for a limited time.


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