That’s the name of a pioneering new restaurant opening in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood that is presented as the first ever authentic kosher Asian noodle house.

Slated to formally open mid-February on Troy Avenue, it promises to bring authentic, traditional Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine to the kosher world, without the sushi and egg rolls.

The name PHO-MEN is comprised of the names of two of the restaurant’s signature dishes: pho and ramen. The menu, previewed by, boasts a variety of authentic noodle-based dishes: Pho, Ramen, Udon, Soba, Nabe and Sukiyaki.

Albert Mayzels, owner of the restaurant together with Levi Jurkowicz, says in taking on this challenging food endeavor he drew heavily on the culinary experiences from his travels in Southeast Asia and the 3 years he spent training and eating his way through Japan.

A self-proclaimed “fanatic of everything Asian,” Mayzels, a seasoned food industry professional with 30 years of experience in the food manufacturing and hospitality industries, graduated from culinary school at 17 and apprenticed all over Europe. He ran a restaurant consulting and turnaround business and owned restaurants and manufacturing on the West Coast.

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