France's Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia chats with New York Mayor Bill De Blasio

On the eve of the trial of a young Muslim male who viciously attacked an Orthodox Jewish teacher with a machete, the victim of a violent said that he has begun hiding his kippah from fear.

Benjamin Amsellem, the teacher who was injured during an attack in front of a Jewish school

Benjamin Amsellem discussed with reporters how his life was turned upside down, when  a radicalized Muslim teen wounded the teacher using a long machete blade, in Marseille, France.

Mr. Amsellem said he now has “to wear a hat instead of the kippah in places where I don’t feel safe.” He said before the attack ge never feared wearing a kippah.


The AFP news agency,  defined the trial as “a sad precedent,” in France, of a minor under 18 is being prosecuting for committing a jihadist attack. The youth was 15 when he attacked viciously attacked the Jewish teacher only to flee the scene after the teacher miraculaously fended off what could have been a much worse attack by using his Jewish Bible to shield his body from the machete attack.

Amsellem has moved to Paris to  undergo therapy in an effort to deal with the psychological effects of the attack.

A source close to the investigation told the media that the young attacker had told police that he was ad said he was “ashamed” that he did not manage to behead the Jewish teacher and that he did not regret the attack which he claimed ISIS inspired him to do.

After the attack a large debate began in the French Jewish community as to whether Jews should stop wearing kippahs in public.

In light of growing anti-Semitic attacks in France, Zvi Ammar, head of the Israelite Consistory of Marseille, in southern France, asked fellow Jews on Tuesday not to wear a kippa “until better days.”

Zvi Ammar

Ammar said the decision was tough but he prefers “being criticized for making this decision than regretting one day if by misfortune something very grave occurs.”

Rabbi Chaim Korsia, The Grand Rabbi of France,  tweeted “we must not cede to emotion.”

France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia chats with New York Mayor Bill De Blasio

French President Francois Hollande said: “It is intolerable that in our country citizens should feel so upset and under assault because of their religious choice that they would conclude that they have to hide”

France’s CRIF umbrella Jewish group said that to take one’s kippah off would be akin “to stopping being Jewish….Jews have been in France for generations before Muslims.”

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