Adam Krief is the Jewish father of three from Los Angeles who passed away last week after a very public battle with myelofibrosis, a rare blood cancer.

His family started a campaign called Hope 4 Adam in the hopes of finding a bone marrow match for him. While a match was ultimately found for him, he did not survive due to complications that arose.

The campaign did find seven matches for other seeking donors.

His cousin, Judith Krief Gargir, posted the following heartfelt message to Facebook today in memory of Adam:

I have a hard time understanding why G-d would take a young father away from his family. Maybe some things are not for us to understand. When the reality that my cousin Adam is gone from this world is too hard to come to terms with, I try to imagine the following scenario. I imagine G-d with Adam before he was ever born. G-d tells Adam “I have a very important mission for you. You will change the world in a major way, you will unify the Los Angeles Jewish community in a way that has never been done before, you will bring people all over the world together in spirit and prayer, people who have never baked challah before will bake challah because of you, people who have never read tehillim in their life will read tehillim every day because of you, you will inspire thousands of people to do good deeds and elevate their daily lives, you will save tens, if not hundreds, of lives through the bone marrow donation registry, you will bring three beautiful children into the world, and touch the hearts of thousands of people you have never met, causing them to eternally better themselves in your honor… but to do all that, your life will have to be cut short at just 32 years of age, you will have to give up your dreams of growing old with your family. Do you accept this mission?” The way I know my cousin, he would have said “I got to do what I got to do.” I imagine he would have been honored to accept the noble mission he was given in the world, knowing full and well how difficult it would be to leave. Even though most of us didn’t realize it before Adam became ill, he was always a Tzadik, his mission had always been waiting for him.
<3 Baruch Dayan HaEmet Adam Moshe Chaim ben Reuven

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