Here are his words translated from Hebrew..

“This morning on an El Al flight from Newark to Israel, while I was sleeping, I heard shouting. I jumped out of the seat and ran towards the shrieking. I saw a 65-Year-old man with severe cramps, cold sweat, and a very fast pulse. I tried to communicate with him without success. I asked the staff to bring me a doctor’s bag with equipment. But after a brief examination and clear signs, even before I received equipment, I estimated that this man was suffering from low blood sugar, and that it could rapidly deteriorate into a state of unconsciousness and even CPR. I asked for a glucometer, but it was not in the bag, so I gave the man honey and jelly while he was suffering from contractions and asked the El Al staff to announce that there was an urgent need for a glucometer. One of the passengers ran to me with a device which indicated that the man has a level of sugar 40 (and that’s after a few minutes); I started treatment therapy and about half an hour later he started to relax. I took responsibility, I told the flight manager that there was no need for an emergency landing, and I stayed with him for two and a half hours to take care of him because his condition wasn’t completely stable. The El Al crew, especially the flight director, was amazing and also a psychiatrist and neurologist from Ichilov hospital helped out at first. Without a doubt, I feel like I saved a man. I found out he was on his way from Detroit to his grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. I’m proud to be a Hatzalah volunteer in the air and on the land and after two hours of treatment and sleepless I’m getting off the flight feeling amazing and proud of all members of Hatzalah that do this work every single day”

– Eli Beer, President and Founder of Hatzalah

A recommendation for the management to the board: make sure you accessorize your bags with quality equipment, including sugar and oxygen equipment, etc.


  1. I just want to point out that the first Hatzolah was opened in Williamsburg by rabbi Weber, not by Mr beer. Maybe he was the first that copied it in Israel.

  2. Yesher Koach. Same happened to my father in shul on shabbos. No glucometer in first aid bag at shul. Hatzalah came and tested and saw low sugar. Glucometer important to have.

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