Shalom Peretz shared this story and relates:

“I went shopping in Rishon Lezion. I stood in line at the cashier, in front me an elderly woman acquired some basic products  but could not pay for the products because she lacked the money to complete the purchase. Suddenly I saw the cashier  pulling some bills out a wallet and pays the balance of the shopping of the elderly woman, even though I offered to pay. The cashiers named is Esti Taspiah (pictured) and she said: “That’s fine, I’ll pay, money is not everything in life we must help each other out especially our elders” Shalom continues, ” It gave me the chills to see that she paid despite the fact that earns minimum wage. Such people who can’t relax afford yet give like that, it’s truly giving from the heart.  Esti Taspiah is truly a unique person, please share her story with all of Israel.”

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