Over sukkot, a two-year old little boy wondered out of his family’s sukkah and found his way to a pond. This little boy, named Elchanan, somehow managed to slip away without his parents noticing and unfortunately was found minutes later, completely submerged underwater and pulseless. Two of our responders, Meir Framowitz and Yishai Blau were nearby and after being alerted to the call, got there in less than two minutes. Upon arrival, they were handed a toddler who was totally blue.

The two medics immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation while his family and onlookers prayed for the boy’s recovery. A few minutes later, they were joined by other first responders and an ambulance team that took the child to the hospital. Dr. Adam Ballin, a volunteer with our psychotrauma and crisis response unit, arrived at the scene to comfort the parents and accompanied the distraught mother to the hospital after the father had gone with the child in the ambulance. He spent five hours with the family in the hospital until the holiday had ended and Elchanan’s condition stabilized somewhat.

Now, fast forward to just a few days after, we held our annual Sukkot concert in Israel, where thousands of people come together to celebrate lifesaving in Israel and Jewish music. Incredibly, this boy Elchanan made a full recovery, thanks to Meir, Yishai and with the help of Adam, and amazingly enough, I’ve attached a picture which shows him dancing with an immense amount of energy in front of the packed crowd.

This is just one of the thousands of unreal stories that happen in Israel every day, and I’m so happy I am able to share this with you. I hope this moment can act as a little pick me up as you settle back into work.


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