Gabi was struggling with her self-confidence and body image. She hated herself and began skipping meals as the anorexia symptoms took over – her eating disorder was killing her. But this video is her goodbye to death. What Gabi discovered was a path out of self-hate, faking it and critical judgments. She found her inner fighter and along with it her health, her passion, and her life.

Gabi clawed her way out of anorexia and the anorexia symptoms that almost crushed her. Her story is inspiring..

Like Gabi, all people who suffer from anorexia, bulimia, or any of the variations of eating disorders, are more than a thin exterior, a food obsession or food addiction sufferers. They suffer issues of self-image, body image and self-esteem, and like Gabi, they might think “I hate myself,” “I hate my body,” “I don’t know who I am,” “I’m ashamed of myself,” or “I’m not good enough.” But behind the too-slight facade, every person owns a richness of inner power, if they can just tap into that.

Published by Jerusalem U


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