Nefesh B’Nefesh posted the following story to their Facebook page Sunday:

International Women’s Day Spotlight! Our Olim stay busy in some of the most interesting ways…

“I made Aliyah as a bright-eyed high school graduate from a small town in Rhode Island in July 2004 (I was the only one in my graduating class not to go to college). I landed in Israel straight to kibbutz Ulpan, and quickly realized 12 years of Hebrew school got me the ability to read (but not understand) and write, and the phrase sababa…

After only 9 months, my best friend became ill with cancer so I went back to the States to take care of her. 2 years later she was getting better, and I had met and married my Israeli husband (via Jdate). We decided that ‘there is no place like home’ and returned to Israel. This time I landed in a Moshav on the outskirts of Afula. Being newly pregnant, and with only basic Hebrew I became a stay at home mom. I love living in the north because I feel like it is the real Israel, there are no huge Anglo bubbles to fall back on, and it forces you to learn Hebrew and the Israeli culture in a good way.

While my Hebrew got better I kept having babies so going out to work just didn’t seem financially smart. When my oldest started grade school I started volunteering teaching dance there. That rolled into a paying job and from there I opened up a private after school program. After being a stay at home mom for 8 years, we found ourselves in need of me working when my husband fell ill with cancer, so I opened a sandwich shop/catering business in Afula and I loved it! But I was putting in many, many hours and running a successful business and taking care of a home while raising six kids and pregnant with the 7th, and caring for a husband whose health keeps deteriorating, so I had to choose to stay sane and closed the business. I still teach dance and acrobatics privately, and I can’t imagine my life anywhere but here.”

– Becky Algarissi, NBN 2004 Rhode Island > Moshav Hever

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