Nefesh B’Nefesh posted the following account from new Olah Sophie Dubitsky to their Facebook page yesterday:

“I visited Israel for the first time when I was seven years old, and I had an immediate and everlasting deep love of the country. I went to Camp Moshava IO, a Bnei Akiva camp, where all my role models were people who lived in Israel. By eighth grade, I knew that Israel was the place where I belonged and that one day I would make Aliyah.

The summer of 2014, the summer of Protective Edge, I went on Mach Hach BaAretz, a summer program in Israel, where I had the most amazing and inspiring time; this experience made it clear that not only did I want to move to Israel after high school but that I also wanted to join the army. As all my friends applied to college in twelfth grade, I was looking into the Israel Defense Forces. I am now in seminary at Midreshet Torah V’Avodah, and all year I have been going to Nefesh B’Nefesh, planning my aliyah. On March 15, 2017, my lifelong dream came true.

People always ask me, ‘You’re only nineteen, how can you just pick up and move halfway across the world?’ The answer is simple, Israel is my home, it has been since the first time I visited.

I always related to the saying ״ליבי במזרח ואני בסוף המערב״ – my heart was in Israel but I was all the way in New Jersey. This no longer applies to me. I am home.”

– Sophie Dubitsky, NBN March 2017 Teaneck>Israel

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