Alex Kafri, a grandfather living in Israel, was told from a young age that his mother’s side of the family had all perished in the Holocaust.
However after doing some research on Jewish-run website, he discovered that he had family living in London. Through the family tree, Kafri has located the grandchildren of his grandfather’s brothers. This has special significance to him, as he thought he had no family in the world.

Last week, over 500 members of the family convened in London. There were cousins from 15 countries present.

“I may be 71 years old, but when I was first notified that there was this big family I never knew about, I cried,” says the grandfather of nine. “And every time I have told the story since, I get overcome with emotion.”

Turns out, a little bit of research can open up a world of possibilities. Watch heartwarming footage of the reunion below.

Video by JerusalemOnline

(Quote source: Haaretz)


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