A powerful video campaign featuring self advocates with disabilities throughout Israel has been shared over 4,000 times in the past 24 hours on Facebook, as youngsters speak up about the exclusion and demand: “Make room for us”

The video is designed to promote awareness about the right to housing within Israeli communities and to promote the bill submitted by MKs Uri Ilan Gilon and Uri Maklev and signed by over 30 Members of Knesset from all parties. The bill states that everyone has the right to live where they’d like and receive personal assistance tailored to their needs.

The campaign was conducted in partnership with Bizchut and Link20, the network to promote young people with disabilities founded by the Ruderman Family Foundation.

“The real integration will not take place in the community until the public recognizes the fact that 20% of the population are people with disabilities,” said Shira Ruderman, Director of Ruderman Family Foundation. “The right to independent housing in the community is a fundamental right which applies to every citizen in Israel, including people with disabilities. In addition to passing the legislation, we have to work to change attitudes and to enhance public understanding that the exclusion of such a large group from the community is a fundamental violation of human rights.”

Yotam Tolub, CEO of Bizchut, Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities, went on to say: “People with disabilities demand something so simple. Not residential institutions and hostels, not discourse about mercy and grace, but recognition of their right to live in the community just like all of us. It is time that Israel recognizes this right.”

Link20, a Ruderman Family Foundation initiative, is a network to promote young people with disabilities. It works to create strong and effective young leadership and to increase awareness of optimal inclusion of young people with disabilities, and people with disabilities in general, in all areas of life.

Visit the campaign website HERE

Watch the video here:

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