Tears were flowing in Israel when a young girl R”L diagnosed with cancer at the age of three, surprised everyone and walked down the aisle as a flower girl at a cousin’s wedding.

Five-year-old Libby Nagel, from Sydney, Australia, has been in America for two years receiving treatment. Doctors thought Libby had beat the disease, until they recently discovered a brain tumor in the front part of her brain.

“Three weeks ago her family called and said that doctors said it was difficult and dangerous for Libby to fly, but she really wanted to be a flower girl at the wedding,” former Sydney-sider Dovi Meyer, told YWN.

He called Eli Rowe, CEO of Jet 911, a multi-national volunteer-based organization of doctors and physicians that support medical transfers.

Working with hospitals in Israel, Rowe was able to arrange flights, accommodations and treatment for the four days while Libby was in Israel.

Only 40 children in the world are diagnosed with Libby’s form of cancer.

Please Daven for Libby Chava Leah bas Sharon Rivkah – along with all other Cholei Yisroel.

Libby with Eli Rowe
Libby with Dovi Meyer

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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