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Monroe, NY – A Kiryas Joel resident is being praised for his honesty after returning over $2,000 in cash erroneously given to him by a bank teller yesterday.

Joseph Waldman, owner of Simi’s of London in Kiryas Joel, had gone to the Sterling National Bank branch on Route 17 in Monroe on Wednesday morning to arrange a wire transfer.  While bank manager Debra McCarron was putting the transfer through, Waldman took advantage of the opportunity to cash two small checks that he had received from customers.  Because the checks had been drawn on the same bank, the teller did not ask Waldman for any identification in order to cash the checks.

“I asked her to give me a few rolls of nickels and the rest in singles,” Waldman told VIN News, explaining that he needed change for his store.

Waldman said that as the teller handed him the money, Ms. McCarron called him over to discuss the wire transfer.

“I didn’t want the bank manager to wait so I thanked the teller and just put the money in my pocket and ran back to the manager,” said Waldman.

It wasn’t until Waldman left the bank and took the money out of his pocket that he realized that the wad of bills he held in his hand was far more substantial than it should have been.

“I felt right away that it was too much,” said Waldman.  “It looked like hundreds of dollars. I counted it out and then counted it again saying to myself, ‘this can’t be right.’”

Not knowing the name of the teller, Waldman called McCarron immediately from his store to advise her of the mistake.

“I didn’t want to the teller to have problems,” said Waldman. “She would see that she was missing a big amount of money in the drawer and she would go crazy.”

Waldman said that McCarron was busy with a customer when he called and when he hadn’t heard back from her an hour later, he called the bank again.  McCarron, who was unaware of the mistake, told Waldman she would look into the matter, calling him back again a few minutes later saying that the teller had inadvertently cashed out the $25.00 check at $2,500.

Waldman said that despite the fact that the bank hadn’t asked him for any kind of identification, it never occurred to him to keep the money.

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