A burglar who broke into an apartment in the Makor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem was apprehended by police a short time after the robbery took place. The burglar was confronted by a 17-year-old Charedi teenager who was at home when the burglar broke in. After attacking the young boy, the burglar fled the scene and hid underneath a parked car where he was found by police with money that he had stolen from the apartment.

The robbery took place at night. The Charedi teenager didn’t hesitate upon discovering the burglar but rather attempted to stop the burglar. After hitting the teenager on the arm the burglar fled the scene. Other family members woke up and called the police who immediately began a manhunt in the building and surrounding streets. They found him hiding underneath a parked car a few streets away from where the robbery took place.

After searching the burglar, police found some cash that he had allegedly managed to steal from the residence.

The teen required medical attention following the incident due to the severe blow on the arm that he received.

The suspect, is a 58-year-old man. He was previously convicted of similar crimes in the past. During the police investigation, the suspect confessed that  he broke into the apartment.

A police statement said: “Locating the suspect in his hiding place and his subsequent arrest all taking place within minutes of the emergency call coming in, reflect the determination and professionalism of the police officers who have an in-depth understanding of the surface and terrain analysis and how to operate within set parameters in order to apprehend their suspect.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



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