Last week was the funeral of Sgt. Elhai Teharlev, whose name literally means ‘A living G-d (א-ל חי) of pure heart (טהר לב)’. He was buried in Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery

The IDF soldier was killed Thursday in a terrorist attack. A terrorist-driven car rammed into him in the town of Ofra in the central West Bank.

Teharlev, 20, served in the Golani Brigade. He was from the Talmon settlement, northwest of Ramallah.

He was posthumously promoted to sergeant from corporal, the army says.

The fact that the victim of the car-ramming was a soldier was not released to the public until Teharlev’s family could be notified.

May he be the last קרבן… and herald the first renewed קרבן פסח.

Watch footage from the funeral here:

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