Dressed up in the right outfit and with her makeup done a certain way, Mira Tzur says she gets stopped on the street by people who mistake her for Melania Trump.

It’s easy to see why. Although their facial features are distinct, the two women share the same shiny brown hair, taut skin and slim physiques.

Mira on the left and right and Melania in the middle

The similarities don’t  end there.“I relate to her on many levels,” said Tzur, an Israeli-born model and actress who now books several gigs per month impersonating the first lady.

Tzur lists their shared qualities as if reading from a mental list: Both have the same initials, both are immigrants from small countries, both have worked as models and both speak several languages (Tzur speaks English, Hebrew and Arabic fluently, in addition to some Yiddish and French. Trump speaks English, French, Italian, German, Serbo-Croatian and Slovene).

Tzur says she has done over 20 gigs as the first lady following the election, averaging about $3,000 per appearance.

Tzur is even planning a web series in which she will portray Trump doing everyday activities such as yoga and cooking. She says she is debating naming it “Miralania” or “Jewlania” — a “Jewish twist on Melania.”

Mira Tzur has worked as an actress, dancer, model, producer and fitness trainer. (Courtesy of Tzur)

Tzur, who grew up in Herzliya, has an impressive entertainment career in her own right. She arrived in New York to pursue a dancing career after serving as a counterintelligence officer in the Israel Defense Forces. She has since worked as a model, actress, producer and fitness trainer. Though it’s mostly Trump supporters who book her to impersonate the first lady.

Tzur, who became a U.S. citizen in 1996, didn’t in fact choose Trump — or his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“I tend not to vote because — it’s weird, I’m not religious at all — but I really wanted God to decide for me,” she said. “I want people not to take my advice because then nobody is going to vote, and that’s not right. But for me it works.”

Tzur even met Melania and Donald Trump five years ago, at a New Year’s Eve party at Trump’s country club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, which the now-president has referred to as his “Southern White House.”

Mira Tzur met Donald and Melania Trump at a New Year’s Eve party in 2011. (Courtesy of Tzur)


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