Israel’s Labor Party is changing their plans for a leadership due a Britney Spears concert set to take place on the day they originally planned in Tel Aviv.

One point of concern is that voters would not turn out to vote due to concert attendance. Both events were scheduled for the Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv on July 3. Labor would have also had difficulty in hiring enough ushers and security guards for the primary vote, as many would already be busy securing the concert, explains a senior party source.

While the exact location of primary voting booths has not yet been publicized, party sources assume that some will be in the fairgrounds as they usually are, where the counting takes place. It also happens to be located right by the Spears concert venue.

According to the source, some consideration was given to party faithfuls who badly want to vote in the primary and also want to see Spears perform. A major concern remained, however, that major traffic arteries around the Exhibition Grounds will be blocked to traffic, for security reasons.

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