After years of arguing, an agreement has been finalized ordering all stores in the Yerushalayim neighborhoods of Beis Yisroel, Meah Shearim and Shmuel HaNavi to close by 11 PM each night.

The neighborhood is home to many yeshivas, including Yeshivas Mir, leaving hundreds if not thousands of bochurim who are finishing Night Seder at around that time with no options to get something to eat.

Signs hanging around the neighborhood indicate the agreement was signed on by the Badatz Yerushalayim, Mir Roshei Yeshiva, area Rabbonim and other Gedolei Yisroel.

Enforcement of the new policy began on Sunday night, 6 Teves, with Police officers called to area stores to disperse shoppers after the curfew. In the attached video, police are heard threatening dozens of bochurim who had gathered at Nechama Bakery with fines for disturbing the peace.

By Monday night the situation seemed to have calmed, (starting at 1:20 of the attached video) with Nechama employees seen preparing the store for closing shortly after 11 PM. Nechama was a popular option for late night shoppers as they were open 24/6, often with fresh baked goods throughout the night.

Perhaps helping the situation was an announcement from Yeshivas Mir that they would be serving baked goods and petel in the Yeshiva dining room between 11 and 11:30 PM.

Photo Credit: Dovid Cohen/Raphael Moller

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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