Nas Daily is a social media personality who does a one-minute long video everyday. This week he posted a compilation of 7 videos showing the positive side of the Israeli-Palestinian situation to his following to Facebook.

Nas Daily is originally from the Palestinian territories, which he refers to as “Palestine”.

He said, “When I went home this time, I was fed up with the amount of hate coming out from both sides. So I wanted to add my take to this conflict and keep it positive while also hinting at the negative.

Making these videos has not been easy. There has been push back from both sides, and that’s great! Is this an accurate reflection of the situation? No, it’s not. I didn’t cover the settlements, violence, attacks, etc.

Nas Daily is not a news organization. I wanted to make videos of what I believe in. I don’t believe in making blame-y videos because these usually go nowhere and add nothing to the conversation. I don’t believe in Kumbaya let’s all be happy and merry kind of **** either.

I wanted to strike a balance: highlight the positive and the negative without making you feel negative!”

Watch the video here and judge for yourself:

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