Hamas creates a Martyr poster of the terrorist.

Two yeshiva students and a police officer were injured Saturday during a stabbing attack by a Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Shocking video of Israeli police shooting terrorist who moments before stabbed  2 yeshiva students 

The terrorist, 17-year-old Ahmad Gazal of Nablus, was chased down by the Israeli Border Police and shot dead after attempting to stab the apprehending officers.

Terror selfie taken minutes before the stabbing attack

Paramedics from Magen David Adom arrived at the scene to treat the two civilians, ages 18 and 23, who had each been stabbed in the torso. Medics also treated the injured officer, who had been stabbed in the thigh.

Moments before carrying out the terror attack, the terrorist took photographs of himself on the Temple Mount and posted them on his personal Facebook page. Following the attack, Hamas-affiliated social media accounts celebrated him as a heroic “martyr.”

Hamas creates a Martyr poster of the terrorist.

Saturday’s attack is the second such Palestinian stabbing incident in Jerusalem’s Old City within a week. A female Palestinian terrorist attempted to stab security officers with a pair of scissors and was shot dead by police at the Old City’s Damascus Gate March 29.

The stabbing attacks represent an interruption to a relative lull in a wave of Palestinian terrorism that began in October 2015, and come amid a warning by Israeli Shin Bet security agency Director Nadav Argaman of a deceptively calm security situation.

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