It’s round, it’s pretty and it has arrived in Tel Aviv: it’s the Sushi Donut!

And the most exciting part? One of the best Japanese places in Tel Aviv has brought about this tasty art.

Imagine a donut shaped with sushi rice, topped with fresh fish and sliced veggies. That’s the Sushi Donut. This concept was invented by an Australian Instagrammer and is going crazy in the biggest cities around the world.

Social media influencers are crazy about the trend on Instagram. Here are pictures from @saltnpepperhere (right) and @sobeautifullyreal (left)

You can these trendy new bites Nini Hashi, the very first Kosher Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv to add them onto their menu.

Nini Hachi, located at 228 Ben Yehuda st., is open Sunday to Thursday from 12PM to 12AM, on Fridays from 12AM to 4PM and on Saturdays after the end of Shabbat until midnight.

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