Technion-Israel Institute of Technology celebrates Israel Independence Day by way of a Rube Goldberg Machine built by Mechanical Engineering students. Watch a quick history of the country….

From the export of Jaffa oranges to becoming a High Tech superpower, the State of Israel has come far since 1948. Technion students and its alumni have led the way from working on the National Water Carrier to launching one of the few student built satellites in the world. Israel is a Nobel Prize giant with 3 Technion Professor laureates and 1 Technion alumnus laureate. Just a few of the numerous examples of how Technion graduates have built the start-up nation and changed the world are shown, Intel came to Haifa to be near the Technion, Technion graduate Dov Moran invented the USB flash memory stick and their graduates founded Given Imaging inventing the PillCam.

They have much to be proud of!

Happy Birthday Israel!
יום עצמאות שמח לישראל


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