Jerry Seinfeld Tells a Jewish Joke…And No One Gets It?


“Two gentile businessman meet on the street. One of them says, ‘How’s business?’ The other one says, ‘Great!”

Jerry Seinfeld was asked to tell a joke when he appeared on the Norm MacDonald Live show. On the spot, he came up with a joke and told the host that only Jewish people will understand this joke. As predicted by Seinfeld, neither Norm or Adam fully comprehended the levity of the comedy.

This joke went viral and many are arguing the meaning. Some say that only a gentile would say that business is great, or others are debating that the deeper meaning is that if they were Jewish they would find something to complain about.

Jerry Seinfeld is royalty among comedians and his colleagues might be too shy to ask for an explanation. This might be a riddle that is beyond explanation. Maybe there was just no joke!

Watch it here:


  1. Nah I definitley think there is a meaning. At first I did not understand it either, but then my dad who makes a living in the stock markets explained it to me. Gentile being the key word an non Jew. The problem is with Jews nothing is ever great! Like the stock markets. With the stock markets whatever the stocks were today doesn’t matter it’s history but what is going to happen 6 months from now. The stock markets are all about looking to the future. Which comes ties back into the joke because business is never good with Jews! Jews look to the future and don’t focus on the present or past. Also The other funny part about this joke is that Jews are worriers we worry a lot, and since he was a young guy he didn’t understand it because I don’t think he had to deal with that kind of money and stock market or business things yet in his life.


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