Niv and Erica Davidovich, a Jewish couple in Los Angeles, were lighting candles on Friday Night when Erica felt birth pains. Erica was pregnant with her fourth child. Niv told ABC News that he wanted to sit with his wife in the back seat, s they called an Uber. Their Driver was twenty four year old Raymond Telles.

Telles a simple driver was no paramedic.  However as Telles states “We get a couple of blocks down, and that’s when she started feeling pain and she started screaming on the top of her lungs and saying ‘Call 911,'” he said. “It was a simple Uber drive and then it turned into a paramedic driver emergency thing and your heart is pumping.” After realizing the commotion, he pulled in front of a grocery store where he and Niv started to help deliver the baby. The Fire Department came after the baby was already safety delivered, and mother and baby were sent to the hospital.

Baby boy Davidovich will not receive a name until his bris- however many are telling them to name the baby Uber in ode to the crazy delivery.


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