A Brooklyn Jewish senior center received a bomb threat on Friday. This come a day the Jewish Children’s Museum in the same New York borough was evacuated due to a similar threat.

the JASA Senior Citizen Center on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn received received the threat in the form of a text message, a police source said.

“Somebody sent a text to somebody who works there with a threat of a bomb going off,” said the police.

“The bomb threat against JASA in Midwood is yet another repulsive and cowardly act that goes directly against our state’s values,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“By threatening a place that serves our most vulnerable New Yorkers, this is a particularly appalling incident in the recent wave of hate and anti-Semitism that has afflicted our communities. When is enough enough?”

Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the New York State Police to probe the incident further.

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