With his unique blend of Chassidic, Folk, Irish, and Country music styles, “Mr. Shabbos,” a.k.a. R’ Josh Alpert has been entertaining and inspiring audiences of all ages for well over a decade.

Since his childhood growing up in Long Island, NY, Joshua “Mr. Shabbos” Alpert has been singing and acting both in and out of educational environments. By the age of 12 he had developed his signature blend of folk music with his love of Torah, leading him to simultaneously study at both Music Conservatory and Yeshivah.

Armed with a degree in education as well, Mr. Shabbos puts the emphasis on fun when presenting Jewish entertainment for children of all ages. He performs at all simchos, concerts, and special events worldwide. Whether it’s a wedding or kumzits, a concert or one of his famous kids’ shows, an event with “Mr. Shabbos” is sure to give you a high energy-filled, toe-tapping, ruach-enhanced musical experience.


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