Onlysimchas’ Sean Littman managed to score an exclusive interview with international recording artist, Nissim, as well as his producer Yisroel Laub who runs LittleBoxRecords in Jerusalem.

Nissim’s new album is titled “Lemala”. No small feat considering that Nissim does not usually grant interviews and does not have email, Whatsapp or even a smartphone.

For those who know Sean, he rarely makes “Yerida” to leave his office at OnlySimchas Jerusalem headquarters unless it’s for something really big. Watch Nissim explain how with his first album he had to create a recording studio in his small living room once his family went to sleep, worked all night on it and then had to pack up his studio again once they woke up.

Nissim elaborates on why “Lemala”, which features Gad Elbaz and Netanel Yisroel is different from all his other albums. May Nissim who made Aliyah from Seattle to Jerusalem, continue to go Lemala and have Only Simchas!



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