At the tender age of ten, Rabbi Nissen Mangel miraculously evaded the notorious ‘selection’ and the gas chambers to become Auschwitz’s youngest inmate to make it out alive.

Marking his bar-mitzvah by wearing tefillin, he miraculously survived the infamous Death March and went on to live a life of communal devotion and extraordinary scholarly achievement.

On Thursday, Reb Nissen returned to relive his experiences at the entrance of the death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The same place he stood 73 years ago as a small child.

“Dr. Mengele killed one and a half million Jewish children with the wave of his thumb. I do not know why, but by a miracle and a miracle only – I was not among them,” Said Reb Nissen Mangel.

Rabbi Mangel was escorted on the trip to Poland from America by his grandson, IDF veteran, Leibel Mangel who witnessed the event and  told OS News, that he had no words to describe the emotion felt as he witnessed his grandfather reliving the nightmares of Auschwitz.



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Picture Credits: Leibel Mangel


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