After being released from jail last month, Kodak Black, famous 20-year-old rapper, decided that he needs some transformation- starting with his name. Ever since deciding he is from the lineage of the Levities and is a Hebrew Israelite, Black Legally changed his name to “Bill Kahan Blanco”.

Kahan which means priest in Hebrew, is symbolic for Priest Kahan, who was Kodak’s Priest in jail. Kahan stated that ” He said that [the name] Kodak Black was associated with negativity”.

Black wanted a fresh start after his time in jail, and turned to the Hebrew scripture. This month Kodak posted on his Instagram a post portraying his beliefs. In the photo, Black stood in a suit while wearing a Star of David pendant. One photo was captioned: “I Can’t Lie I’m #Israel #12TribesOfIsrael #Levite.”

Other celebrities this past year have also joined the “Hebrew Israelite” phenomenon like Kendrick Lamar and Amar’e Stoudemire.

Who knew?




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