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As you may have heard, this Friday is Yad L’Achim’s Initiative, “Tu B’Av Together”.

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First, the details: This Friday, July 27th, Tu B’Av at exactly 10AM EST, is Tu B’Av Together, where over 500,000 Jews from across the world will unite at one moment to recite 8 kapitlach (chapters) of Tehillim so that all singles throughout Klal Yisrael merit finding their shidduch; including the women Yad L’Achim helped rescue from the villages.

At the same time, a minyan of Talmidei Chachamim will be leading the global tefillah and daven in Amuka for all who submit their names for tefillah through Yad L’Achim (free, no donation required) by clicking here or visiting or calling us at 1-866-923-5224.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to help spread the word about Tu B’Av Together so that more Jews can participate in this special day. Here are several suggestions how you can get involved– thank you in advance and Tizku L’Mitzvos.

  1. Make a gathering of people to say the 8 kapitlach of Tehillim on Tu B’Av Together.
    Example: Bungalow Colonies, Day Camps, Shuls, Friends, etc. Encourage others to participate.

    1. Download the Tehillim for Tu B’Av Together. This mobile version can easily be shared. Download by CLICKING HERE

    2. You can print copies of the Tehillim to be printed on regular sized paper by CLICKING HERE

  2. There are several videos of Rabbonim and leaders inspiring others to participate in Tu B’Av Together. (All of these videos can be viewed on our website
    All of these videos can be downloaded, so you can share it on Whatsapp, E-mail and other social media.
    Here is a list of several videos available for download – please download and share with others:

  1. Include a message in your social media or email. You can copy and paste the following or make up your own

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you a special initiative by Yad L’Achim that can help people in shidduchim – for free.

This Tu B’Av, Friday, July 27th @10am EST (7am PST, 5pm in Eretz Yisrael), thousands of Jews across the world (that hopefully includes you) will unite in tefillah by reciting Tehillim 32, 38, 70, 82, 121, 124, 127 and 128 so that all singles find their shidduch IYH. Yad L’Achim is arranging this global day of tefillah in merit so that the women they rescue from the villages find their bashert.

At the same moment, a minyan of Talmidei Chachamim, representatives of Yad L’Achim will lead the Global Day of tefillah for shidduchim and all yeshuos in Amuka. They will daven for all those who submit their names for tefillah (no donation required to submit names) by visiting

Visit to download Tehillim to be said. As Chazal wrote (Bava Kama 92b) ‘Whoever davens for their friend and they are in need of the same request, they get answered first.’

You can submit your names for free online at or by calling Yad L’Achim at 1-866-923-5224.

Join and let’s daven together on Tu B’Av Together!



  1. We would love to hear from you how you or your community are participating in Tu B’Av Together. Additionally, we would love to hear any suggestions or ideas you may have about Tu B’Av Together. Please email us at [email protected], thank you.



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