Remember – This Friday, July 27th @10am Est Is Tu B’av Together. 500,000+ Jews Will Be Participating, Saying The 8 Chapters Of Tehillim For Shidduchim.



To download the Tu B’Av Together Video to share with your friends – CLICK HERE

In a special initiative called “Tu B’Av Together” on Friday July 27th at 10am EST a minyan of Talmidei Chachamim, representatives of Yad L’Achim will lead the Global Day of tefillah for shidduchim and all yeshuos in Amuka, Tu B’Av Together!

They will daven for all those who submit their names for tefillah (free, no donation required) by CLICKING HERE.

Thousands of people have already submitted their names for the tefillah (for free) for shidduchim & all yeshuos in Amuka on Tu B’Av through Yad L’Achim by CLICKING HERE or visiting

You can download the Tehillim to be said on Tu B’Av Together by clicking here.

At the same time as the Talmidei Chachamim are davening, over 500,000 Jews from across the world will unite in tefillah by reciting tehillim ל”ב, ל”ח, ע’, פ”ב, קכ”א, קכ”ד, קכ״ז, קכ״ח (chapters ​ 32, 38, 70, 82, 121, 124, 127 & 128) on Friday, July 27 @10am EST. (See websites for times around the world.) That is Tu B’Av Together!

As Chazal say (Bava Kama 92b), “Whoever davens for their friend and they are in need of the same request, they get answered first”. Let’s all daven together on Tu B’Av Together!

As word of this initiative spreads, thousands of Jews have already helped spread the word about Tu B’Av Together to their friends and family. To help spread this initiative please tell your friends and family about “Tu B’Av Together”. Help make this viral!

Please Text / e-mail / message / WhatsApp, tell your friends to visit WWW.TUBAVTOGETHER.COM where they can download the Tehillim to be said on Tu B’Av Together as well as submit names for free. You can copy and paste this into the message:

Please ​forward​: ​V​isit WWW.TUBAVTOGETHER.COM for info & to join the Tefillah for Shidduchim (4 FREE) on Tu B’Av Friday July 27th @10am EST – Tehillim : 32, 38, 70, 82, 121, 124, 127 & 128

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You can also create your own message, but the most important thing is to spread the word! Tizku Lemitvos.

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