(The Nosher)

Jewish food had a great year, but there is one trending food that we really hope goes away ASAP: sweet hummus.

Not only were bloggers creating their own sweet flavors, but food companies small and large pushed out several sweet hummus products in stores. There was snickerdoodle hummus, vanilla bean hummus, and we even fell prey to the fad ourselves, offering a recipe for healthy chocolate hummus.

But aside from chickpeas, these concoctions really don’t have much to do with traditional hummus. AND IT’S NOT OK.

Some people may love having a healthy, sweet dip for noshing, and for those people we offer a compromise: Let’s call it a sweet chickpea dip. At the end of the day, we want to keep our hummus savory and our halva sweet. Some things just shouldn’t get mashed up.

While we’re at it, some mass marketed savory hummus is doing a lot of unsavory things when it comes to flavor mixes (taco inspired hummus?!). Just say no.


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