2017 is officially over, so we thought we’d reflect back on this year and see what was trending on Only Simchas! Here is a list of our top 7 stories from last year. This list spans the gamut from birth to death and covers just about everything in between, so here goes.

7. 42 Year Old Chareidi Woman Gives Birth to 20th Child

Dr. Simcha Yagel in an unrelated picture for Hadassah Hospital. (Credit: http://hadassahinternational.org/tag/prof-simcha-yagel/)

An incredible story came out of Israel recently when it was announced that a 42 year old chareidi woman who was already a grandmother gave birth to her 20th child! This was her 19th birth since she has a set of twins. There have been other countries that reported women having 20 children, but this was the first official record coming from Israel. Mazal tov!

6. Mordechai Ben David Dances With Granddaughter At Her Wedding

Lipa Schmeltzer posted a video of famous Jewish singer Mordechai Ben David dancing with his granddaughter at her wedding. Watch below.

5. Jewish Billionaire Tells the World, “I Keep Shabbat”

Billionaire Adam Neumann, a 38 year old Israeli business man, said in an interview this year that he’s been keeping shabbat with his family for the past 2 years, and it’s changed his life and his business. Adam owns WeWork which is based in New York, and does business in multiple countries around the world. But he refuses to compromise on his values, and he completely disconnects when shabbat comes in, even if work is crazy.

4. Hurricane Maria Update from Chabad of Puerto Rico

2017 saw multiple record breaking hurricanes which caused unimaginable destruction in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean Islands. The Chabad family in Puerto Rico, Rabbi Mendel and Rachel Zarchi and family, posted updates regarding their situation as the hurricane progressed. It was a devastating time, but once again humanity proved its worth, and there were some wonderful volunteers who helped get the Chabad House ready for Rosh Hashana services.

3. No Excuse Not To Visit Israel Anymore – $149 One Way!!

Earlier this year, WOW air announced that it would be flying to Israel from various cities in the US, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Baltimore. And the prices were unbelievable low – you could get a one way ticket for as low as $149!! With prices this low, there are no more excuses not to visit Israel more often!

2. BDE: Jewish Father of Three from Viral Bone Marrow Campaign Passes Away at 32

Even though this is a site for simchas, the incredible unity behind the Hope 4 Adam campaign was so inspiring that we had to post this story. The Hope 4 Adam campaign was started in an attempt to find a bone marrow match for Adam Krief, a young father of 3 who was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. A bone marrow match was found, but unfortunately, complications from the transplant were fatal, and Adam passed away shortly after.

  1. Fidget Spinner Inventory Says She Invented It To Stop Palestinians From Attacking Israelis

Fidget spinners are the toy children are asking their parents for. (WTOP/Neal Augenstein)

The fidget spinner was one of the most popular trends of 2017, but most people probably don’t realize that the woman who invented it had an interesting motivation to create this popular toy. She came up with the concept as a way of distracting Palestinians who were attacking Israeli police officers and civilians. Whether or not its intended purpose has been fulfilled is another topic, but for now, you can continue spinning with this new knowledge.


What do you think about 2017? Glad it’s over or already missing it? Let us know in the comments. 



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