2 Jewish Breaking News reporters were driven from airport to #Lakewood and spent over an hour with the NYC terrorist #SayfulloSaipov . They only realized when they saw a clip of the terrorist’s Toyota Sienna and were shocked when they confirmed it in their ride history. They were even more shocked to hear reports that he was planning this attack for weeks and 20/20 hindsight now realize that his behavior was a bit odd. You will be hearing exclusive information about that ride and the conversation they had with him exclusively on JBN. Should they bench Gomel?


  1. Of course they should not bentch gomel. They were not saved from some tragedy that occurred. Imagine the following scenario, you are driving on a bridge and ahead of you, the supports of the bridge fall, crushing many cars. However, your car is far enough back, that you avoid any damage from the accident. Even there, there is no chiyuv to bentch gomel as you were not in the place of the accident, and therefore not saved from it. Otherwise, perhaps the whole world should bentch gomel everyday, as we were all saved from the multitudes of events that kill people every day!

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