WhatsApp was offline for much of Europe on the evening of 3 MayDownDetector

The worlds most popular messaging application, WhatsApp is offline and unavailable for many users worldwide.

Problems began at around 4:30pm on 3 May and were felt in America, Israel,  London, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, South America, Mexico any many other places worldwide.

WhatsApp was offline for much of Europe on the evening of 3 MayDownDetector

Problems logging into the app have also been reported by users in and the United States.

Whatsapp waswas last offline on New Year’s Eve, 2017.

A spokesperson for the app then said:

“We’re working to restore service back to 100 per cent for everyone and we apologise for the inconvenience.”

This outage comes as WhatsApp is working on a major update.

Many are speculation that this time the Facebook-owned chat app is down because they are testing a new feature that allows users to pin conversations at the top of the menu in  the app.

WhatsApp users flocked to Twitter to vent their anger and joke about the worldwide outage.

This person needs help breathing…

And someone is fearing the worst…

This person is calling on the end of time…

People are literally freaking out…

And this guy is just spreading the news…

You said it, Satinder…

We know your pain…

A spokesman for WhatsApp told Metro.co.uk: ‘WhatsApp is aware of the issue and working to fix it as soon as possible.’

Hold tight, guys.

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