1. This isn’t in Iran. None of the women are wearing hijabs. It’s in America, it’s just a Persian wedding. Now that you Ashkenazi elitists have made fun of Persian Jews again, maybe it’s time you take down this post.

  2. This is definitely borderline racist. You’re making a laughing stock of your fellow Jew and you think it’s okay because he’s Persian? This kind of behavior needs to stop. Take this video down

  3. Who ever put this Nasty racist post up (sfardI or ashknazi
    Come down here so I could use my fist against you so that the next time YOU walk down your chupa people will cry
    your causing people to embarrass others in
    public. Aka one of worst sins It needs to stop!!! Everytime I saw a persian being made fun of they smile and walk away somone has to stand up that’s me !!!!


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