1. “We need a patriarchal figure to clean up this degenerate island. If so, the “patriarchal figure will be a Muslim, a misogynist and zealous adherent of a religion founded by a child rapist with a harem of sex-slaves, who”ll impose Sharia Law under which women who commit adultery will be beheaded and homosexuals will be stoned to death or thrown off the roofs of tall buildings, but Islamic males will be free to rape women who leave their homes without male escorts and to abduct, enslave, rape, gang-rape, torture, and murder English girls as they”ve done in Rotherham and other cities without being arrested and punished. But now their atrocities will be sanctioned by Islam rather than denied and ignored by the white ruling-elites and governing-classes and their police forces and criminal justice system. The Pakistani monsters and degenerates in Rotherham were following the teachings of Muhammad.


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