The games at Wimbledon are currently in progress, and a Jewish Tennis Player is rising to the top. His name is Diego Schwartzman, and he was ranked as No. 37 in the Association of Tennis Professionals rankings. Schwartzman, who is from a Jewish home in Buenos Aires, has won nine tournaments in the International Tennis Federation — the sport’s minor leagues. He also won his first ATP Tour title at the Istanbul Open last year. In Addition, Schwartzman is the third best tennis player from South Africa, which is not an easy feat.

Schwartzman told ATP last year that fellow Jews on the streets of Buenos Aires always recognize him. He became a Jewish Celebrity in his home town, and now across the world.

Schwartzman also stated that he tries to observe Jewish Holidays when on tour, yet it sometimes gets difficult. He also has some famous Israeli friends who are tennis players. Schwartzman says he is good friends with Dudi Sela and Jonathan Erlich, who are both highly ranked players.