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The “Great Shidduch Resume Leak” and Halacha

(By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for 5tjt.com) It was a story that was broken by Avital Chizhik Goldschmidt of the Forward, but first appeared on a...

WATCH: Highlights of The 10K Batay Yisroel Event


10kBatayYisroel Shidduch Event Smashing Success – Watch Replay!

--“The event was amazing. So uplifting. Gave me chizzuk.” --“There was such energy in the room; everyone was there to be there for each other,...

Pandemonium in Lizhensk as Thousands Cram Kever

They were not expecting so many…. Over 300 Flights of Yidden Flew to Poland in past two days.

Historic Bukharian Rabbinic Summit at Be’er Hagolah

This past Monday afternoon, history was made when a delegation of 24 Bukharian Rabbonim entered the Be’er Hagolah Yeshiva building.  In fact, they had been invited by the Chief Rabbi of the Bukharian community of the USA and Canada, Rabbi Yitzhak Yisraeli.  The invitation letter sent to each Rav, read in part, “As a Rav in the community it is important to us that you have first-hand knowledge of the education offered at Be’er Hagolah…Additionally, we will have the opportunity to discuss the chinuch needs of the Bukharian community in general... Please make every effort to attend this important meeting.”

HURRY: Free To Submit Shidduchim Names For Tefillah To Rachel Imeinu

  If you know someone who can benefit from this free tefillah, please share it with them. THE TEFILLAH OF THE CHILDREN... To our dear friends, please...

VIRAL STORY: Ribnitzer Rebbe and the Children Rescued from the Arab Village

  To our dear friends, We hope you had a wonderful Yom Tov and wish you success in the upcoming year. Today is a special day...