Summer Eco-friendly Table Set-Up


Twinkle lights, warm wood table décor, flowering linens, vintage-inspired glassware, and elegant dinnerware set the mood for a memorable dining experience at an exquisite outdoor summer table. When it comes to sustainability, Eco Partyware House offers the most exquisite eco-friendly dinnerware sets to adorn your summer party tables. Get creative with your event and impress your guests with our beautiful eco-ware. Here are a few fascinating eco-friendly table set-up ideas for a hip party this season:

Elegant Eco-friendly Dinnerware Sets

Eco-friendly dinnerware sets serve as the foundation for a planet-friendly table set-up. Our palm leaf and bagasse compostable party plates, eco-friendly flatware, and disposable eco serving-ware make it cost-effective and easy to throw an eco-friendly party. We use naturally fallen, dried leaves of the Areca Palm Tree in the making of our beautiful compostable party plates. Our eco-friendly dinnerware sets look so chic on a party table due to their wooden feel and make your parties fun.

Formal Glassware

Beautiful glassware is another significant element on an elegant party table. Set an eco-friendly party table with fancy disposable mini partyware’ cups that can either be recycled or decomposed. This will help reduce the carbon footprint and also make your tables look alluring.

White Table Setting with Flowers

The white table setting is an elegant option as white is the color of absolute purity and freshness. Simple white plates combined with thin stemware and fancy disposable mini partyware keep the whole thing rustic. With our White Bagasse Eco-friendly Dinnerware Sets, you will have an alluring white table setting without putting in much effort. As for accessories, put colorful flowers, preferably red roses, and lavenders to have an upscale party table.

Our white compostable party plates and disposable eco serving-ware alongside the beautiful eco-friendly flatware and biodegradable palm leaf bowls serve as a perfect white table setting.

The Biodegradable Palm Leaf Bowls

The biodegradable palm leaf bowls are better than the paper bowls as they are sturdy and made from all-natural materials. Their wooden feel and elegant design elevate the ambiance of your party, making your guests feel buoyant. These bowls are perfect for serving desserts or fruits in a modish way, and along with the eco-friendly flatware, their rustic look enhances even more.

Eco-ware is made from natural ingredients, and we don’t cut a single tree in the manufacturing of our eco-friendly tableware. The eco-ware market lacks variation in the designs and textures of the product. We realized this and created the most naturally manufactured eco-friendly tableware collection that is perfect for any of your auspicious occasions. We help you throw sustainable parties without compromising the elegance of your party tables.

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