Married Couples: What’s your take on ‘Date Nights’?

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      Life is so busy, who has time to go out as a couple on a date ever?? We have our children, carpools, jobs, shopping, carpools (again), bedtime (hours for some of us), community functions, laundry, cleaning, etc.
      How can we possibly push ourselves to go out at night? As you saw from Tobi Lieder: This is a must!

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      Agreed!! I feel like I am already out every night either to functions or simchos, without date nights! To me it’s extremely unrealistic sounding…..

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      Shira W.

      Alone quality time, whatever you call it, is definitely a must. The couple is the foundation of the home. Without Shalom bayat the whole family suffers so incorporating alone quality time is a worthwhile investment

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      This sounds fantastic and something we should all be doing. However, in the end Of the day it’s just simply unrealistic. I

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